by Jonathan Pfeffer

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released April 5, 2011

NLSN005 // Natural Selection Records

All Music & Lyrics by Jonathan Pfeffer
© 2007-2010 Music is Half the Battle (ASCAP)


Jonathan Pfeffer - Vocals, Nylon-String Guitar, Percussion
Julian Chin - Accordion, Vocals, Percussion
John DeHaven - Trumpet, Vocals, Ukulele, Percussion
Doug Stuart - Upright Bass, Vocals, Percussion
Dan Sutherland - Drums, Vocals, Percussion


Anna Skalova - Violin (on "Brackish Love")
Janet Lyu - Violin (on "Brackish Love")
Josh Holcomb - Viola (on "Brackish Love")
Jake Saunders - Cello (on "Brackish Love")
Matt Endahl - Piano (on "Unnecessary Surgery")
Colin Hacklander - Backing Vocals (on "Phanatical")
Devin Kerr - Backing Vocals (on "Methheads," "Thousand"), Handclaps (on "Brackish Love"), Hacksaw, Cell Phone, Velcro Strip (on "Unnecessary Surgery")

"Brackish Love" strings written for octet by Jonathan Pfeffer, transcribed & reduced for quartet by Julian Chin
Pizzicato sections transcribed by Annlie Huang

Produced by Jonathan Pfeffer
Engineered by Robert Cheek in Minocqua, Wisconsin Sept-Oct 2010
Editing & additional tracking by Devin Kerr at Good Hertz in Ann Arbor, Michigan Oct. 2010
Mixed by Robert Cheek at the Hangar in Sacramento, California Nov. 2010
Mastered by Devin Kerr Nov. 2010

Cover image taken from Aztlán - Oil/canvas, 2006 by Demian Flores:
Layout by James Holland /



all rights reserved


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Jonathan Pfeffer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Est. 2004. 2011:

Jonathan Pfeffer
Michael Harrist
John DeHaven
Julian Chin
Colin Hacklander

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Track Name: Methheads & Mormons
Our fat, fleshy bodies sweat it out in desert heat
Dread drips off the sides and back into the cargo
We travel in silence to parts unknown

Methheads and Mormons

It's agreed that this is a suicide mission
But we're past the point of no return now
Second thoughts punctuate and penetrate
The stinging sensation that no one has come equipped

Blood flows up out of the salt lake
Oh we were helpless
Goners before we even knew what hit us
When I close my eyes all I see is blood flow up out of the salt lake

Blissful abyss, an abscess with sharp teeth
Blank smiles, no guarantees

Methheads and Mormons
From a safe distance ignorance is bliss
Calm punctures nerves
All of us expecting to hit paydirt
We stretch across miserable streets
We're smothered by brand names

They all scramble for the exit
We all feel trouble lurking in Kinkos' shadows
Our paycheck wrapped in sallow skin
I'll be the only one here held accountable

No one has come equipped

Methheads and Mormons
From a safe distance ignorance is bliss
The blinding light conceals your fate, your misfortune
Track Name: Expensive Habit
Apathy exceeds lust
Every color a shade of beige
Every fiber soft to the touch

Venturing close enough to the flame
To feel just a little bit of heat

So detached we have stopped giving birth to anything new
I've got it bad but you've got it worse

Clinging to whatever feels real but we're much too afraid
To become it ourselves
Track Name: The Castle is Real
No one smiles
Within the gates the castle's real
You've come to the right place
All your wildest dreams

If you believe in something
With all your heart it will come true

Get in line
Open your mouth
Stay perfectly still
This is a stick-up
Make a wish

Staring straight into the void
Fully aware you'll get sucked in
All your wildest dreams
Track Name: Phanatical
Another one gunned down in cold blood
Over some dumb shit
Some nickel and dime shit
The past looms large
Let other people be deceived
I'm done with those Broad Street Bullies

In a city without color
Nothing is black and white
In a city without air
Beats a heart choked by its own arteries

Looks like it's going to be another hot summer

Red with shame
White with fear
Bodies blue
A city green with envy
Track Name: Sweepstakes
I should be grateful but this is not paying off like I planned
Sinking in deeper I'm getting what I deserve

Endless stretches
Inherited weakness
People and places become blurs

I bit off way more than I bargained for

I feel less and less
I'll come to my senses

A shark will drown if it stops swimming

I can't stop
I can't start
Let me find something and stick with it

Living the dream
No room to breathe
The crux of the hare that snares itself
Just find fresh tracks and wait
The same path will get re-used
Track Name: Stocks in Short Supply
Out of sight
Out of mind
The time is nigh to strike when the iron's cold and desperate

We'll share the same fear until there's nothing left to leverage
Relish the thought that I’ll expose and exploit the flaws in your system

It's in my vested interest
Prey need predators
You’ll keep coming back for more

I know what I want and I know just how to get it
Pressure's high to subscribe
Initial projections are optimistic

Wherever stocks are in short supply
We can buy up then sell back what's yours at twice the price
Rest assured you're already mine
Track Name: Feeding Frenzy
Laid out nude before you
Yet I feel so safe from those bringers of bad dreams
I don't want to know if it's right or if it's wrong
It can't be wrong

When one dies another takes its place
Your poison apple swings on the vine, ripe for the taking
I just know I'll grow to crave the cold your protection provides
Don't leave me out in the cold

Pull the wool over my eyes
The hunger I couldn't satisfy

So, let's bypass the feeding frenzy
Bypass and pillage and plunder
And ravage the savages' straw huts
While we clean off their guts from our daggers
And just steal straight from the source

On every corner, you're at my disposal
Try and escape from those who lead you like a lamb to the slaughter
You don't want to know if it's right or if it's wrong
It can't be wrong

Symmetrical and sleek
Your trickle-down system has shown us
What we need to do to stay alive
I'll just clench my teeth
And covet until it swallows me whole

Suffocate those ghosts until they're sound asleep
Suffering in silence can be so sexy
Track Name: Tenderloin
The knot in my throat fastens
Every gaze transfixed on her form
Witness my girl's pleasure
Generated by another source

What turns you on?

My imagination corrupted
When push comes to shove and it makes me blush
Ripe for the scavengers
You can look but you cannot touch

I'm in control
She has all the power
She is the bait
I am her protector

Please cut me back down to size

What turns you on?
Track Name: Unnecessary Surgery
Seems like screams and cymbal stands are the only things that can cut through this heavy air

In this game the object is to cut or get cut out
But there's just no way I'm stretching
To get what I'm not sure I want

This is war between logic and perjury
Every night you perform unnecessary surgery
You made your call before I could plead my case
It's because I secretly hate you

One false step
I swear I did not forget
I said my apologies
But now we're both losing sleep

Neither version applies
But we both know what I did I did out of spite
The damage is irreversible

This doesn't follow reason
We've chosen the path of most resistance
It's too late now
We've already drawn our weapons
Track Name: Brackish Love
Acting on impulse
A daring escape
But you know how we always moved so quickly

We should have been too close to lie
We should have been too tough to—

You made the call
Eyes fixed on the road
Tonight I'm lucky to be at your mercy

We should have been too close to lie
We should have been too tough to die

What are your demands?
Could I bring you back with just a simple sleight of hand?
Inch by inch the thicker the salt of the sea

The only two souls in sight
So much at stake we start to laugh uncontrollably
Underneath the rusted lining
I could never seem to separate agony from ecstasy

We should have been too tough to die
I should be too strong to cry

Strap in the iron lung just in time to witness one last gasp
Deadset on finishing the race
I don't give a fuck if I come in last

Faster than a rollercoaster
Unmistakable when it hits
This can't be the end
Except that it is
Accept that it is
Track Name: Thousand-Yard Stare
There was no time to prepare
For the slow motion shellshock
Just our luck
The unsalted exit

Our only response could be
A flood of survival chemicals
System shut down

Upon impact
Hard steel folded

The trio wrecked in tundra
Watching panic seize each other's faces
The scene was too much to take

Adrenaline nausea
Freezing water drowning our equipment
There was no feeling

Our lives were spared
The odds were stacked
We were muted colors with thousand-yard stares
Track Name: Life of Luxury
I've stumbled upon a life of luxury
The more I resist the more I keep falling prey
The rewards are just too few and far between

I can no longer evade the guilt of gluttony
The knowledge stays with me every day
Expecting returns on an old ponzi scheme

I limp along among the last of a dying breed
Boiling over in the driest dry spell
Out of spite I refuse to give myself a release

I keep fighting the good fight
Waiting for the groundswell
Holding out for the light at the end of the tunnel
But they already know
They can already tell

One vain attempt after another
Like heat from frozen blood
Algae bloom from a bleeding ulcer
I'm the beast that feasts upon its young

I'm riding high atop a winning streak
I'll burst the bubble before someone else does
Place the blame on retrograde mercury

I've stumbled upon a life of luxury
With each vanishing grain
I'm slowly losing faith in an outdated dream

The most delicate hands wrapped around my throat
Unravel the cocoon only to realize they're my own

I'm going pro
I'm grasping at straws
I'm a slave to my ego
And its sharpened claws sink deeper into me